Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The AOS server cannot be reached error

while installing SQL Server Reporting Services by AX installer I got below error. I recently made my machine to point to a new server.
“The AOS ‘MicrosoftDynamicsAX@servername@portnum’ cannot be reached. Setup cannot continue. Verify that you entered the correct server information and that the AOS service is running.”

It was clearly pointing to the  old server. Then I tried to check the Microsoft AX server configuration which contained my new server path, also checked the client configuration which was again pointing to the new server. However the ‘Business proxy account’ was still pointing to the old server. So changed that to the new server and it worked like a charm :)

If you are installing Report services extensions and getting above error then follow below steps:

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics AX go to System Administration, click Setup, click System, and then click System service account.  
  2. Check the business proxy account, it must be a dedicated BC account different from the one you are using for setup.


  1. can you explain me how to change the ‘Business proxy account’ to point the newly install server
    thanks in advance

  2. Excellent, solved my problem!

  3. Excellent ...

    look in client configuration and choose configuration Target to Business Connector there ... u will see the issue ...

  4. you have to add the business connector account in the AX, then try to install ssrs using business proxy account.

    -tested solution

  5. you have to add the business connector proxy account in the AX as sysadmin user, then try to install analytics componenets - ssrs using business proxy account.

  6. Hi,

    The above issue solved for me by running the setup as different user.

  7. Too good bro, worked for me too...!!! Thnx

  8. Visual explanations, please... capture some screens.. really will help many more people not experts like me